Monday, 12 October 2015

Secrets To Make This Birthday Party The One Your Child Will Remember, Forever

As a young child, when I look back at my birthday parties, I remember balloons, ice cream cakes, musical chairs, "Pin the Tail on the Donkey" and bubble wands. I suddenly realize that I just aged myself.

Today, I've realized that how much things have changed. Simple pleasures like ice cream cakes and "Pin the Tail on the Donkey" have been replaced with sculpted fondant cakes and custom photo booths. While these are able to make excellent photo ops, the execution as well as the preparation of these children's parties can leave the parents stressing when they really should be out there enjoying their child's party. Here are some simple secrets:

Keep it About the Kid – Since it's your child's special day, so make it about them! Many a time’s parents will add on extra activities or décor which is not even noticed by their kids. This is why you should focus on executing details that your child cares about. It'll also be less taxing on you!

Create Your Design Story – Choose a story for the party. These days, the parents sneer on having a theme based party. However, if you have a design story, your child’s party will have a cohesive look. It will also guide you when you plan the décor, food and activities. The story can be in the form of a theme, design or even your kid's favourite snack. Yes, it will be around a snack that you will be able to base the whole theme. 

Plan Your Menu - Whether you are making the items yourself or having a catering service do it for you, get creative with the food. If you’re having a kid's beach party, cut sandwiches in the shapes of vegetables and shells as surfboards. 

Day of the Party: During the party, your guests should feel like VIPs. This is why you should give them the royalty treatment. Greet them with signature children friendly drinks.

Be Present – The most important point of time in your kid’s party be present and focused on your child throughout the whole party. 

Last but not the least, have fun. You should also make it a point to include your kids in the planning. Before you know it, your kids will be able to plan their own barbecue without your help. 

In the end, it's these little moments that your child won't forget.