Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Bon Appétit

 Eating Healthy Gourmet Style Gourmet food has often been synonymous with foods that are rich and indulgent, however, gourmet cuisine has a healthy side as well. Eating a healthy diet is no longer a fad, but a lifestyle adopted by the masses. Below is a list of some of the healthiest gourmet ingredients and foods that are not only delicious, but great for your body. 

 Speciality Salts 
Extra Virgin Olive Oil 
Greek Yogurt 
Dark Chocolate (at least 70% Cocoa) 
Champagne and Wine
 Wild Copper River Salmon
 Artisanal Cheese
 Whole Bean Coffee
 Organic Grass-Fed Beef Fillet
 Walnut Oil

 So cheers to your health and happy taste buds..