Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Our 5 Ultimate Tips For Catering Your Wedding!

Catering is a very important, and of course, delicious aspect of just about any wedding reception. All the guests who will come to celebrate and support the Mr. and Mrs will eventually become hungry at some point. But serving over one hundred guests can be extremely stressful. That's why hiring a catering company is the best solution possible. But even so, in order for everything to go as smoothly as it gets, there are several aspects regarding the catering for a wedding. 

1. Ask for referrals and choose wisely. Evidently, the best idea when it comes to appointing a seasoned caterer for your wedding, is to ask family members and friends for referrals. And going with a local caterer may not always be the perfect choice. For example, on our wedding las year, we opted for a Wolverhampton company, even though we're from Dudley. It simply fit to all our needs. Of course, if no reliable information and recommendation is provided by close ones, turn to the ads, media and the internet. 2. Opt for foods that are in season. When it comes to food, freshness is by far, the most important aspect. Thus, the best idea is to opt for foods that are in season, widely available and maybe more affordable as well. Of course, there are also timeless foods, such as salmon fillets, lobster rolls, roast chicken and many others, but a tomato salad or a watermelon-based dessert, may not be the best choice for a wedding in February. 

4. Make sure the catering staff will wear the right attire. Each and every wedding has its own theme, even though most wedding receptions opt for a formal theme, guests wearing tuxedos and long dresses. Evidently, in this case if the catering staff will be wearing khakis and polos, they will appear to casual. On the other hand, if the reception is more intimate, and you opt for a more casual theme, catering staff dressed too formal, may simply appear as "too much". 3. Your wedding party vendors need to eat too. Every wedding party will have at least one photographer, videographer, entertainment personnel, planner and other specialists. Make sure you account for them too, when it comes to catering. The quality of their service may be reflected by the way you treat them. 

5. Always ask questions and give suggestions. Never assume that any of the hired personnel for your wedding reception, will know everything they must do, in order for their service to be in perfect harmony with the wedding theme and the whole event. Thus, don't be afraid to ask the obvious, and also make the necessary suggestions and ask for suggestions if necessary, in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

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Friday, 12 February 2016

What Do We Mean By A Balanced Diet?

“A balanced diet” – it’s one of those phrases you’ll hear thrown around a lot on TV, in cookbooks, and even by your doctor. But what does it actually mean, and what does a truly balanced meal look like? 

One of the easiest ways to understand balance when it comes to the food we eat is to divide things into their respective food groups.

Fruit and vegetables, for example, are crucial for a healthy diet – which is why the government is always trying to convince you to eat more of them. Have you had your five a day, yet?

Starchy foods such as rice, potato, bread and pasta form the basis of most meals, and are where we get the majority of our energy from. It’s generally recommended that you try and get two portions of these kinds of food each day.

Protein comes in the form of meat, fish, dairy and eggs. You don’t need as much protein as you do other types of food, but it is an important component that keeps you healthy and helps you build muscle.

Foods rich in fat and sugar also form another group. Examples include chips, milkshakes, almost all desserts and most fizzy drinks. Although we do need some fat and sugar in our diet, most people already consume too much of these types of food. People are often advised to try and cut down the amount of fatty sugary foods they eat. 

Next time you sit down for a meal, take a look at your plate. Which food groups might you need more of – and which do you have too much of already?

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