Sunday, 11 October 2015

The Unquestionable Blessing of Local Grub

Eating organic food provides a lot of advantages for the grower, the consumer and also for the community.

These days sourcing organic food has become very popular with chefs and food experts, and most people now expect their local restaurant catering services to offer a range of dishes featuring locally sourced food.

If you are staying in Staffordshire, you should be aware that there are a lot of benefits in finding local foods and incorporating them into your diet. Here are some of these advantages:

The first and foremost benefit of eating locally grown food in Staffordshire is that local food is fresher, and they also taste more like real food. Meat, fish and vegetables which are produced in the local area are likely to be tastier. Asides from this, fresh food in Staffordshire will retain the nutrients and minerals components which are leached out within a few hours of being prepared. This is why you are likely to get more nutritional benefit from local foods. 

Organic food will not have any preservatives, which again can affect the taste and nutritional composition of foods.

When you eat organic food in Staffordshire you are sustaining the local produce. You are in a way encouraging local farmers to preserve the land and reduce soil erosion, which affects everyone living nearby. 

There are many health benefits when you eat organic food.

Organic food is rich in flavour. The crops when grown locally are picked when they are ripe so that they can be shipped as well as distributed to your local retail store. 

When you eat organic food, you are eating seasonally. Despite the fact that we may want that the strawberries could be grown throughout the year in Staffordshire, the best time to eat strawberries is when you are able to purchase them directly from a local grower. They taste better when compared to the ones that could be purchased in the winter.

Eating organic food also enhances the economy of the area. When you purchase food that has been grown locally, you are in a way supporting the farming communities, meaning that they are less reliant on payouts from the EU. Local farms 

This way will be less reliant on support from the government, and there is also less impact on the area from heavy farming methods and distribution.

With the onset of the growing season, you should think as to how you will be able to add more organic food to your menu.

Staffordshire catering uses the best produce from the Staffordshire area,  our meat is supplied from Tamworth and our veg is supplied from near Burton Upon Trent. The fish we cater with is from a responsible and sustainable supplier.

Staffordshire Catering tries, wherever possible to source ingredients from local suppliers. We are proud to regularly source food from Rugeley and the surrounding areas.

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