Saturday, 10 October 2015

Party Food

Your daughter’s or son’s birthday party is coming. You are expecting to have over fifteen high-energy little people running in and out of your house and playing.

The next thought is what to feed them? 

Just a birthday cake? Perhaps not. Fifteen or 20 little people full of sugar and energy. Top that off with soft drinks, candy, and those terrible disposable tools that every party seems to need. These are the things that nightmares are made from.

The key to keeping control of a birthday party is to provide children with wholesome foods that are fun. Finger foods and dips, oddly coloured foods, and platters of tasty sandwiches that they can grab as they run in and out are a great way to celebrate.

Here are some easy party food ideas:

  • Crudités – Sliced vegetables and a delicious dip are the perfect finger food for any party. Fortunately, children love little finger vegetables.

  • Wraps and sandwiches – Making small wraps and sandwiches can be a great way to great real food into the children.

  • Fish sticks – Small pieces of fish fried in a delicious coating with a wonderful dip are ideal for small hands and hungry mouths.

  • Barbecue – Anything from ribs, chicken, and sausage are a great addition to any children’s party.

  • Smoked salmon bites – A small cracker with cream cheese and smoked salmon are yummy, even for the adults.

  • Fish or crab cakes – Small fish or crab cakes can be a delicious snack that elevates every party.

No matter what you choose, you can make it all much easier on yourself by simply having a really great catering company take care of everything. Let us be that company, you won't regret it!

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