Monday, 5 October 2015

Family Dinner

How many of you have had the pleasure of eating on a table surrounding your immediate family members or a group of friends who you just can’t live without? Almost all of you right? Picture this. You've had a tough, tiring day at your college or workplace. You’re sitting alone on a table of four and you’re having a meal you bought from the closest restaurant to your house. There’s absolutely nothing new on your Facebook or Tumblr home feed and the television isn't very keen to your interests tonight either. What can you possibly do now, except obviously, eating alone and reflecting back on the life you've spent doing things that don’t matter at the end of the day. Not a pleasant sight, eh? Now think of the same path in a different manner. A table of four with no vacant seats, a delicious home-made meal and you discussing your past, present or your future with your family. Doesn't it feel less gloomy and sadder and practically speaking, a sight that can make every difficulty of life seem easier than usual? I think it does and I don’t see how anyone would want to think otherwise! 

 Generally speaking, everybody has had dinner right? As kids, we are taught that we are to sit and eat with our parents and siblings. Unfortunately, as soon as we reach the age of seventeen or eighteen we are caught up in a dilemma of whether or not to “ruin our reputation” by having dinner with our parents or family as a whole. I’d like to point, for those readers who are in the above mentioned ages that honestly speaking, at some point of our lives, the only people we have at our sides are our parents. I'm not saying you shouldn't be socializing or that you should stick like a glue to your parents but I do believe, that your parents certainly do deserve a dinner gathering after all they've done for you from the time you've opened your eyes! If you ask me, I feel pretty satisfied knowing that I have at least given them the respect that they deserve by not only showing them affection through spending time with them but by also making food for them that stands up to their expectations. (Believe me when I say this though, the standard set for the quality of food by our parents is the toughest one by far!) The kinda person I am, I like staying close to traditions and rituals that our grand fathers and great grand fathers followed. Therefore, I take a day off from my social responsibilities each week and visit my parents or call them over. It may come to you as a surprise but I actually enjoy sitting with them on the dinner table! I get the chance of clearing out my minds unnecessary judgement you see.

 There’s one more thing I want to mention here, especially for those who can’t travel to their parents on a weekly basis, if you have a sibling that lives close to you or comes in your reach in some way, keep in touch with them because, after your parents, your siblings will always be there for you through your thick and thins. Besides, why wouldn't you want to sit with your sister and gossip about the girl you used to play with or may be discuss a classic game of New York Yankees with your brother? So yes, it is a request to all of my beautiful readers to actually give this family gathering dinner concept a thought. Take it as a favour you’re paying back to your family and especially, your parents!