Friday, 13 May 2016

Top Five Tips to make Entertaining Catering for Children Attending your Wedding

There can be nothing better than watching the little kids roam here and there at your wedding; little girls in fluffy gowns and little boys in tuxedos win the hearts of all the guests at your wedding. The moment the bride enters, you must see the expressions on the faces of the little ones; they look at you with all the admiration. That’s the emotion that the bride wants to see on everyone’s faces.

Since kids make a big difference to your wedding, you must pay attention to their entertainment and needs to. Most of the children enjoy eating at the wedding. It is your duty to ensure that you choose one of the best caterers, which knows how to give the most amazing and beautiful services to you. The food must not only be tasty, but also presentable in such a way that all the guests, including the children, are attracted to eat it.

Here are the top five tips for you to make the catering entertaining for the kids:

  • Keep a chocolate fountain for the little bunnies: Most of the caterers now have chocolate fountains at the weddings so that the kids are kept busy, while their parents enjoy their privacy. If you really want to see the glow on the faces of the little kids, ask your caterer to keep a chocolate fountain for them. Chocolate-dipped ice creams or cakes can be served for the little bunnies.

  • Decorate cupcakes on a white table: Tell your caterer to arrange for a pure white table or a table with a white table cloth on which you can place all the cupcakes that you want. Such things keep the little beasts busy in their own world. 

  • Place helium-filled balloons in different sections that are specifically meant for the children attending the wedding: Helium balloons are beautiful; if you want the catering to be entertaining for the kids at your wedding in Wolverhampton, you need to make sure that the food items have helium balloons placed in different sections. These balloons can have the names of the dishes written or printed.

  • Name their drinks and food: You need to name the dishes and drinks for the kids so that they are attracted to eat or drink them.

  • Ensure that they don’t spoil their dresses while eating anything: Arrange for food in such a way that the kids don’t spoil their appearance at the wedding.