Sunday, 29 May 2016

5 Odd-Ball Tips on Ways to Make Your Wedding Unique

The day you get married to the love of your life will be memorable for a life time, not only for you but for your friends, family and other loved ones as well. This is why it is important to make it uniquely beautiful and entertaining for your guests and for yourselves. One of the most important things about throwing a good wedding is to personalise it as much as possible. Your guests are there to share a unique love story of two individuals and make sure you give them just that. You should also understand that they spend their precious time to attend your special day out of their sheer love for you. Therefore, it is your duty to ensure they do have a good time!

Cocktail stationLet’s face it! No one would say no to a nice cocktail, especially when they are in a celebratory mood. Without going for traditional bottle alcohols, add some glamour and colour to the occasion by having a good cocktail station with a skilled bartender who knows their cocktails. You are sure to get a cheery crowd in your day rather than a bunch of people bored and brooding.

Heals-free dancing floorHeals do look good on a lady, and the ladies who attend your wedding will not come in flats for sure. However, heals can extremely restrict their chances of having some good fun in your special day. Add a box of pretty slippers next to your dance floor to those who want to have some real fun on the dance floor! Don’t let heals keep them away from breaking some moves and having fun!

Gifts to goGiving your guests a small token to remember your special day has not become common among many. Add a twist to it by making the gifts personalised. This would be easier if you are having a small reception, but they will always remember if you manage to put some effort to personalise their gift rather than giving the same thing to everyone. Staffordshire Catering is also happy to provide a gift bag for all of your wedding guests!

Catering with a TwistEveryone is used to regular wedding catering styles. Try to add some twist to it by perhaps having a theme pre-discussed with your caterer. You can have themed appetisers; themed food stations and even gets a few nice tags naming regular food with a theme to bring some laughs.

A play area for kidsKids are adorable, but in an occasion like a wedding where they have to stay still for a long period of time can make them fussy. Have a small play area where kids can get together and do some colouring, board games, and other fun things while their parents have a good time in the reception. They will thank you for sure!